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Plan your highway travel on an Electric vehicle while getting acquainted with the charging Hubs along your route. EFL also provides a host of amenities and conveniences available at Charging Hubs for you to relax and refresh while your EV is getting charged.

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Our mission

To provide the most efficient, innovative, and customer friendly clean environment solutions for a better living. It's our endeavor to promote the adoption of green technology and contribute to the growth of society by providing sustainable energy solutions.

Why choose an Electric Vehicle ?

Electric vehicles are one of the fastest growing modes of transport in the present day scenario around the globe, across multiple vehicle types, such as bikes, cars, transit buses, and many more to come.

The emission rate of electric vehicles is zero, which enables the restoration of greenhouse gases by keeping the pollution under check.

Cloud based CMS platform

Cloud based Central Management System (CMS), is a platform for centralized monitoring and operations. This system will not only ensure the highest levels of Charger quality and service availability, but also connect customers to our Charging network for seamless Authentication, Authorization and Payment process in a full automated mode.
We are a full scale CMS Platform

Merits of using an
Electric Vehicle

01 No fuel, no emissions

Reducing the carbon footprint is the need of the hour. The electric engine within an EV operates on a closed circuit, so an electric vehicle does not emit any of the gases often associated with global warming.

02 Low maintenance

Electric vehicles don’t require any expensive maintenance like the fuel-run vehicles. Servicing is easy, less frequent and overall cheaper.

03 Noise-free driving experience

The quietness of the vehicle creates a far more noise-free, comfortable & relaxing driving experience.

04 Fast & convenient charging

EFL deploys ultrafast chargers at convenient locations to speed up the charging process.

05 Negligible running costs

The cost of the electricity required to charge an EV is around 40% less than the cost to use petrol for a similar sized vehicle driving the same distance.

06 Freedom from rising fuel costs

With petrol and diesel prices at an all time high, shifting to an EV saves us from the rising fuel costs. This makes EV’s affordable in the long run too!

TTL ELECTRIC FUEL PVT. LTD., headquartered at Hyderabad is one of the fastest developing EV Charging Company.


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